About awa odori

We dance, and sightseeing becomes a lot fun when we acquire basic knowledge of awa odori even a little.
  At first you know basics of dance, and do you not appear in town this summer? It is inevitable to want to jump into ring of dance without being satisfied only by seeing before long.
  Awa odori dances and can taste the powerful charm.

Beginning of awa odori
"Leave in now, and lord Hachisuka (Prince Hachisuka) of Awa does awa odori."
This is based on "construction of a castle origin opinion" by Tokushima ancestor of a lord, Iemasa Hachisuka in one section sung for many years in "knob of Awa Yoshiko". However, opinion that form has been made is influential while Bon festival dance comes under an influence of "group dance of Okinawa" people entertainment to "be sudden" "to rollick, and to dance" of a lot of questions at this opinion now.

How to dance awa odori
Man dance
We widen means of transportation to the width of the shoulders and drop waist. The upper part of the body defeats so that it is bent forward a little and puts up both hands at angle that palm faces each other. From state that ran center of gravity to the left foot, we push tiptoe of the right foot forward. If the right hand is natural, step forward with the right foot. For movement that is the other way around as for the next. We repeat this movement to rhythm.
Woman dance
We bend knee in state of tiptoeing lightly and take vorlage a little and put up both hands to the width of the shoulders. Palm poses for the inside to face each other. We put center of gravity on the left foot and we kick up the right foot behind and push forward from tiptoe. We provide the right hand ago at the same time. For movement that is the other way around as for the next. We repeat this movement to rhythm.

Kind of ren
We can divide ren into some kinds by attribute of purpose and member of activity.
Famous ren
We call ren joining association of awa odori promotion, association of Awa, Tokushima dance famous ren. With prominent ability, we appear on event and performances such as selection awa odori, awa odori hall. We are active throughout the year.
General ren
As for the purpose of activity including ren planning ren, the friendship and interchange in pursuit of dance technology, various by ren. It was made in every area once, but ren which friends sharing purpose gather now, and is active exists a lot.
Company, workplace ren
It is ren which company participates in for the purpose of local contribution. PR of company and product, recreational activity in the company are included, too. They participate in employees of company partly, but, in addition, most dance support of Odoriko and musical accompaniment with instruments of famous ren.
Student ren
Ren which is active by student of university and technical college. We are made by every department and subject, and the staff of a school and alumnus increase, too, and the friendship is planned. In addition, there are club activities of high school, participation of primary schoolchild, too.

Goods, term
To goods letting splendid dance of Odoriko become more attractive, it is many special terms only by Awa Folk Dance. Awa Folk Dance becomes more fun when we know.
Sedge hat
If there is ren which is over eyes/ones/, and is covered with sedge hat, and covers expression of Odoriko, it is shallow so that face is seen, and there is ren to put on. Both carry shade pillow on board on the head and regulate angle of sedge hat.
Sedge hat
Round fan
There are round shape and square shape, product made in bamboo and plastic round fan. If there is design to show dance gorgeously, there is design which harmonizes with clothes beautifully when it shined to obi.
Round fan
Waxing moon lantern
Man dance uses cylindrical small-sized lantern. Most dance girls process handle to be familiar with own hand. We let lantern emit light in fantastic scene of the stage and dance.
Waxing moon lantern
Man hangs pillbox on waist and we put small change and cigarette and use as a substitute for pocket. Pillbox of woman is slightly more small-sized than thing of man. There are many originals about the name and symbol of ren, too.
Clog with two low supports
Simple structure that put two pieces of low teeth in the stand thinly. There is thing which we changed position of sandal thong to to make it easy to wear. We attach rubber to tooth and tiptoe not to slip to stage use.
Clog with two low supports
Equivoque, musical accompaniment words
Words to be given rhythmically while dancing. There is thing that "interlude" (ainote) and musical accompaniment words of knob of Yoshiko were adopted. One of the representative things is "yattosa" and is used as signal to change formation.
Rollick (rollick)
We are used as generic name of rhythm of sound of musical accompaniment with instruments peculiar to Awa Folk Dance and two beats. Original meaning "making noise on the spree."
Original form
Is originally correctness of scale in meaning of "condition that receive definitely, and conveyed" (such as singing); (antonym is irregular). In the case of Awa Folk Dance, we are often used in the orthodox school, wide meaning such as the orthodox school.
Knob of Yoshiko
Song which is sung by Awa Folk Dance. There are many places that are not sure about the origin and transmission, but opinion which assumes Haiya clause of Ushibuka, Kumamoto, Itako clause of Ibaraki (fist which there was) source in folk song which was popular late in the Edo era is influential. It is said that indigo plant merchant brought in Awa from Kyoto, the Osaka area. In poetic form of 7,775 four 26 characters, form is similar to Japanese ditty (dodoitsu).