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Poster model interview

 Official poster of this year of Tokushima City awa odori was announced. Maki Nakamura that model of poster dances man dance in incomparableness ren. We are full of smile of the whole face, and we stretch out the back with pin, and figure selling round fan skillfully is put in photograph. We hit the only female, brightness in dance of heroic male servant.
 Nakamura who danced happi coat dance in Shikoku University ren entered famous ren after the graduation and wanted to continue dancing dance. Meanwhile, it is incomparableness ren to have been introduced by friend. When we saw man dance for the first time in awa odori hall in autumn six years ago, we were overwhelmed for the force. "Place where man dance became one line and approached was cool. I want to dance in that, too. When propose nyuren to the ren head; in "incomparableness as for the man dance of woman was declined with saying, is unprecedented", but conditional, was admitted, "is by woman dance when did, and could not dance, bought" touched by her enthusiasm.
 Acting power of Nakamura from there is terrible. We devoted ourselves to exercise by strength of inborn competitive spirit day and night and made progress in the neighborhood surprisingly remarkably. And of the next year was almost summer, and was able to stand on stage of the eve and selection awa odori meeting much less theater. "We want to play better if we do it anyway. Aim is dance of the ren head. We brighten eyes saying how to get intervals wants to learn with exquisiteness early.

We wind up, and /1988 year, Tokushima were born in Nakamura. It is nyuren in incomparableness ren in 2012. We work at kindergarten in Anan-shi now. When summer approaches in 3 years old child class to be in charge of, it carries away awa odori CD and enjoys with children.

○As for the catch phrase of poster, is invited public participation for the public, "my Yumebutai as for the summer!" of Katanori Uchikawa But, it was chosen. Size of poster is posted on means of transportation and the accommodations, tourist facility of the prefecture with two kinds of B1 size and B3 size.

※From awa odori pictorial magazine "Awa comfort 2018" (medieval noh farce company)

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