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Awa Folk Dance is entertainment of the one and only
We saw Awa Folk Dance of gochahei only after being at the age of 10 years old by mother. Impression at that time was big and thought, "oneself wants to try" immediately and performed to ask saying "we want to enter ren", but it was declined by adults. Because "gochahei does not take child. Saying come again if we become 18 years old.
In 1960 when we graduated from high school, we were able to finally take ren test of gochahei containing. In in front of ren where executives lined up, it was practical examination that we danced in total for sound of drum with its heads attached to the cylinder with cords. It was four or five people including me 20 people received, and to have passed. There was not thing which enjoyed only Awa Folk Dance in the times when there was little entertainment in those days. Therefore nyurenkibosha flocked in ren even if it did not recruit members of ren like the present times.
When we did nyuren, there were not 50 members of ren. Person who person who beat gong was alone, or swatted two people, large drum was around three. Samisen borrowed hands from the outside. There was not member of ren of woman, too. gochahei gave its beginning of organization with "all zenkawagochaheikugakubu", and there was neither woman dance nor samisen because it was gochahei-style to be active only in men.
In 1980, we took office as the ren head for the seventh generation. In the 38-year-old time, we did company work. The office worker ren head was rare, and there were more self-employed people whom freedom heard to both time and money in those days. When it was told "to work as next, the ren head" by senior of gochahei, we were troubled very much. Because past life changes completely when we take care of the ren head and is lived a life given priority to dance. It was opposed hard when we talked to wife and mother. Therefore we talked with father. When do; when "work as the ren head, is asked, and will take. There will be substitute in the workplace. Is any advantageous rarerunto different if we receive?. When it is now, we think that advice of father was right.

Dance like oneself
The 40, Showa generation began, and tourists increased, but there were few sightseeing spots, and visitor found daytime time unmanageable even if we came over to Tokushima for Awa Folk Dance sightseeing. Therefore the eve and selection awa odori meeting began to have Japan and China watch Awa Folk Dance. Style to show Awa Folk Dance on the stage using lighting and sound. It is the beginning of "Awa Folk Dance to show".
How is Awa Folk Dance shown what we were troubled with neatly? We were thinking only that oneself enjoyed and danced, and there was not idea to have somebody see Awa Folk Dance till then. Therefore we will say at first to dance with foot progressing of Odoriko together. We thought to have we made movement that we unified in group, and visitor see. Performance to show dance in group called stage constitution was made much in this way.
How to dance former gochahei that man dance was freewheelingness was permitted. If there is person who stretches out back highly, and dances, there is person who bends waist low, and dances within a hairbreadth of the ground, and there is person who dances to jump to fly in wide tsu. There were so many men, so many minds, dance girl of various types in gochahei. "Fly out; each had unusual dance so that one dance girl alone was accompanied by unique nickname with Tada" "Takada of doredore" "Spanish *". How long will there be fu keraruhodo individuality-like dance girl by nickname now?
I always dance in the front row of man dance. Select member of ren dancing in my right and left as public performance four days, but "this box will go in you with you. We choose as condition to see how long you improved. We change member every box and dance with members of ren of every dance career. It seems to be competed between man dances saying "I may dance beside the ren head this year". We know we think, and what Odoriko dances very clearly when we dance together. We are glad when we have you get hint to make dance like oneself from experience that danced with me.

Way which gochahei goes ahead through

 Much ren made tempo of musical accompaniment fast since the Heisei era began. We looked back toward that place that reputation of visitor was good, and did not consider that ren of up tempo carried away box and sent applause. Throw tempo that one gochahei does not change from organization. We continued following the style rigidly, but nyurenkibosha was state that decreased. We gathered executives of ren in about 1998 and have talked saying "musical accompaniment of gochahei should make tempo fast". We talked about trouble to ren length of sisters ren, Asuka ren of Koenji at the time. Saying "gochahei wants to make tempo fast, too." Then the ren head suffers from tearful voice; because "Asuka ren was impressed deeply with musical accompaniment of gochahei,, please, and tie-up of sisters ren is sputum. We said, please never change musical accompaniment. I woke up for the words.
However, we were thinking that you must challenge some new thing even if we did not change tempo of musical accompaniment. Therefore we gathered 50 members of ren which had flute in 1999 and made "red flute corps". Style that red flute corps leads musical accompaniment with instruments and plays flute of lacquering in all the members. "Large group, gochahei of flute which cinnabar red shined in were greatly reported with red flute corps organization" by newspaper. In addition, we introduced "samisen daughter" in 2001. Five young women put red lantern and sedge hat in obi of back and play the samisen in traditional dress. This was quite popular, too.
Dance of gochahei may be reflected in eyes of visitor if quiet. Man dance fixes its eyes on one point of the ground and dances to crawl. Musical accompaniment cannot post lenience and severity in particular and drains by unhurried tempo solemnly. The reason why we are particular about this posture is that we pursue tasteful dance that we valued "feeling". This style will not change point from now on either.

"Interval" necessary for Awa Folk Dance
 It is before a little that master hand, carp of "one of Awa Yoshiko" dies in March, 2008. There was opportunity to play with carp at hotel in Tokushima City, and we were invited by carp when turn was over saying "we do not drink even tea". Carp asked saying "one which was the most important by Awa Folk Dance thinks what". I thought a little, and it told "serious matter and to to take interval". "After all" carp said in to, light voice. "I think so, too. What important as for samisen and the song interval. Human being without interval laughed at idiot with tte, joke. We were glad that thought was the same as carp.
 When new face enters gochahei, we instruct how to dance beginning that got snagged on form for several years thoroughly. However, you must have you learn in oneself afterwards. And point to arrive at "saves" last and is also "feeling" ya "interval". We teach to member of ren saying "do dance with feeling", but cannot show concrete form when asked again with "what kind of dance is it?". It is place where Awa Folk Dance has difficult there and is place like Awa Folk Dance. At first "we save", and there are gadekite, order that it is possible for "interval" next so that "feeling" occurs in Awa Folk Dance of. And we think that we can obtain dance with "feeling" after long ascetic practices for the first time.

With work of the ren head
 We are told, "it will be hard to inherit tradition of gochahei" from various one. It is not good only by merely inheriting tradition. The tradition loses in weight little by little and becomes zero before long. It must create remaining 10% newly to inherit tradition while protecting 90% of the whole. When it does not have posture of attack, it is pet theory not to be able to follow tradition. Only for posture of defense, tradition declines sometime soon.
 We may see dance that imitated performance of famous ren of Tokushima when we go for Awa Folk Dance meet of outside the prefecture. We put weight for performance, and there is a lot of important ren which drains, and does not dance dance. We think that I want you to attract visitor in dance itself. 20% may use breaking ball such as curve and slider when they compare to baseball. However, 80% want you to play by straight pitch. It is my hope straight pitch namely to want to drain and to show dance well.
 When children registered at little child dance of gochahei graduate, we move to part of adult and continue Awa Folk Dance. In addition, there are a lot of people transferring to from other ren. Conversely, there is ren number in increase tendency year by year as there are few people leaving gochahei. We are thankful for increasing in number, how many people are really appropriate? It costs expense in various ways to maintain ren including expense to ask for clothes and the purchase, practice field of musical instrument for. Ren number of gochahei is 380 people now, but scale of around 100 people may be the best to keep an eye on the whole ren.
 Awa Folk Dance ren is social reduced drawing. gochahei moshikaride, age of renin range from child to the elderly. Occupation ranges from public employee and office worker with self-employed people, student, housewife, too. It is work of the ren head that group where a great variety of people gather settles the ren in Awa Folk Dance ren. Ren is just group of hobby. Because each member of ren has various sense of values, it is hard to gather up. We have big sense of accomplishment toward the ren head having been remained for 38 years. All of member of ren, workplaces deserves the credit entirely. In addition, various hardships were got over simply because there was warm support of family including deep love and wife of late parents. We thank everybody who gave such a splendid circumstances deeply.

May 8, 1941, Tokushima-shi, Tokushima birth. It is nyuren in 1960, gochahei. In August, 1980, we take office as the ren head for the seventh generation. Man dance is straight and still plays an active part as active dance girl. We do not miss everyday training to maintain physical strength. Through Awa Folk Dance, we deepen interchange with many cultured people, businessmen. From 2008 association of Awa, Tokushima dance's vice-chairperson.

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