Talent appearance information

Awa odori for talent, athlete, various fields celebrity including cultured person with many fans. Above all, in company ren as every year dancer
Celebrity participates. We listed celebrities who participated in company ren of this year.
August 12
Suntory The Premium Malt's ren

Sanpei Hayashiya / Sachiko Kokubu
It is 2s Sanpei Hayashiya. We add to stage and the stage and do our best as member of "Shoten" Ogiri. We call with wife Sachiko. Thank you in advance.

Suntory Sunbirds
From Suntory Sunbirds, we send spirit with smile that Suzuki of 200cm, Hoshiya of 196cm dispel heat.
Heisei ren

Popular comic dialogue combination by iwabu* and seidaiyo. For a large number of TV shows including ASAHI BROADCASTING, "in fact, ... of now" Kansai TV "horse n chu" under appearance.
Tiovita ren
TAUPOU couple

Popularity is high from children by nickname called coney. We perform Hawaiian lives in TAUPOU and couples of wife energetically.
Sunstar ren
Kenji Moriwaki
Moriwaki that it becomes lifework to run more than 250km every month. He/she heaps up even Sunstar ren by energetic dance.
Yoshiko Sengan
Movie "saraba youth, but youth." We appear on (May exhibition). We are playing an active part in many aspects including event appearance and animation voice actor. Participation the second following last year!
Komazawa University class reunion ren
Sanyutei Oraku
We win rakugo section award targeted for new face entertainment in 2008 and play an active part as handsome man popularity comic story teller. Love of music teacher familiar as for the parent by Shoten.
Shigin ren
Wakako Shimazaki
Wakako Shimazaki of image character of Shikoku Bank is the twelfth awa odori participation in this year. We attach bloom to Shigin ren with cool yukata look. Please cheer.
August 13
Asahi Super Dry ren
Asaka riho
The 32nd Asahi Breweries image girl. Awa odori is the first participation. We would like your encouragement. 25 years old from Shiga.
Kyoei ren

Participation first M-1 conqueror in 2010 for "W senility" that feed is replaced with senility in turn of popularity for Awa Folk Dance! We send spirit to Tokushima by good dance of tempo as well as comic dialogue!
Tokushima Vortis ren
Tokushima Vortis
Tokushima Vortis which belongs to soccer J2 league. We aim at J1 promotion by Spanish Ricardo Manager Rodrigues, aggressive soccer.
Story or ren
Shofukutei Gakko
Comic story teller from Anan-shi, Tokushima. There is ventriloquism as well as rakugo with unique career that worked for former Tokushima Bank. The comedy welfare person founder.
Denko ren
Ikuko Oura
While we play an active part in pachinko as familiar SANYO image girl "sixth generation error Malin" and play an active part mainly on TV, the stage now in wide field.
August 14
Nisshin Donbei ren
At stadium, we intend to be used to heat of summer heat and person, but we hear that several times is great and are accompanied by some awe. As you are going to do your best with inborn spirit and smile, please come for view♡
Tetsu and Tomo
"This year it will be in anything that we are excited ~? Participate "for the first time last year, "why? In, nothing? It was surprising continuation in force and heat saying it is, anything. In the second this year, we do it.
Nipponham ren
Tsutomu Iwamoto
It is visit in "cancer" awa odori which is familiar in energetic greetings "maido", and is playing an active part in baseball commentator in the ninth year in this year. Please cheer.
August 15
Airi Hatakeyama
Make use of experience that participated in former fairy Japan, London Rio Olympics, now under instruction and lecture of rhythmic gymnastics, achievement including reporter.
Kana Oyama
We are elected for the first time in 2001 during high school attendance at school by all Japan and are former volleyball to represent Japan which played an active part in the Olympics, the world championship, World Cup and's three biggest meetings.
Hitachi ren
Makoto Nonomura
"Hitachi world mysterious discovery!" Familiar Makoto Nonomura participates in this consecutively for 16 years in this year. Of all of you please cheer.
FM Tokushima ren
Rui Yoshida
Kochi birth. Illustrator & essayist. We are appearing on "description of bar roam of Rui Yoshida" in BS-TBS for Shikoku FM4 station net program "synonym record of Rui Yoshida" (FM Tokushima every Saturday from 18:30 to 18:55).
Morinaga karudasuchibikko ren
It is called "King of location" as TV reporter, and power of expression, ability for constitution of the talk are the best. We are playing an active part in spirited cheerful character.
Dance studio Himawari ren
Miya Setochi
We are from Ishii-cho, Tokushima. Class former Takarazuka all-women's opera star top star. We appear on family musical "Snow White" staged in Tokushima on 26th on August 25.
Marie Sota
We are appearing on BS wisteria "joke knight" joke pocket notebook as regular assistant MC. Chemical "Shimitori" is appearing on street life CM in epoch.
Aeon ren

We add woman dance newly, and the second-year Aeon ren dances with in beauty and everyday thanks as hard as possible. Five members heap up awa odori including Tokushima native place, Haruka Mishima of STU48 following last year.
Lawson ren

Idol group STU48 moving into action based in area in Seto participates in Lawson ren of the first organization. Including Maki Taniguchi greens from Tokushima, five members appear. We send many spirit to the whole country from Setouchi.